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Club Balai Isabel

I'm assuming that you all know that Multiply is already closing this December. So, this is me trying to salvage my photos which I have not backed-up yet and well, that includes EVERYTHING! I have yet to discover an easy way of doing so given that I have hundreds of albums there. The only way I know is to click on every single picture, view full size and save image. Tedious, tedious!

I couldn't help but be all nostalgic brought about by the sudden flash of a haze of memories here and there. I also couldn't help but say to myself, what were you thinking overly over-saturating your photos?! And now, here I am trying to de-saturate what I still can. Let us just say I am OC like that.
Club Balai Isabel, Batangas 2009. 

  1. Blogger Teeyah. | September 17, 2012 at 2:18 AM |  

    Babe there's a way na! Look for @jackmadrid on Twitter and he tweeted it. He's the GM for Multiply Phils =)

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