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Insta-Feed I

I blame Instagram for my lack of willpower to lug along my camera with me like before. And Twitter for the sudden halt of my unabashed enthusiasm to write anything that comes to mind in long, lengthy paragraphs. However, scapegoating aside, who wouldn't love Instagram? Even supposed nonsensical things may seem laudable through filters and whatnots.

So, I start sharing with you what's really keeping my hands full these days, I blame poetry for the my shortage in this area. Ha! Scapegoating at its finest. 

1. The weather has been crazy lately. But if it were up to me, I'd prefer the sun over the rain at any given day. Okay, maybe I'd take the rain on a rather lazy day.

2. View from our dining at night.

3. Everyday dip with husband.

4. Just what our black, brick wall needed. I need more bold wall clocks in my life.

5. Went surfing recently and now that I have tried, I can safely say that waiting is the hardest part.

6. My favorite in my husband's vintage camera collection.


  1. Blogger kdawnsy | September 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM |  

    Ditto on everything you said about Instagram and Twitter! :) Love all the photos! <3

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