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"A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again."

- Alexander Pope

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I was in the salon yesterday for cut and color and I spotted this old issue of Harper's Bazaar with Lucy Liu on the cover. I was pretty impressed with the editorial as it merged sports and haute coutoure. But what really caught my attention is the white, flowy Alexander McQueen dress. As I looked at it, I immediately pictured myself wearing it for our renewal of vows. I've always wanted a beach ceremony and this dress is just what the doctor ordered. I can't afford a McQueen but my couturier can surely do something about it :)

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Forever 21 does a Miu Miu de ja vu. It launched a Miu Miu-ish Mary Jane platforms. But hey, who am I to complain? Affordable and (almost) equally pretty :)

Crabby, ei?

"If I can't have it, neither can you."

Sadly, we, Filipinos have the tendency to be pros at crab mentality. We have a society that seems to find it hard to be happy for our fellow Filipinos who found their way to Easy Street.

Take for instance, the fashion blogger, Bryan Boy. I have heard comments about him that are, more often than not, negative. "Oh, he's a social climber!" "I heard he starves himself just so he could afford a Vuitton!" Dear villagers of the crabby land, why cannot we just focus on the blue sky? He is making a mark in the fashion industry and tagged along with him is our supposed nation's pride. Well, I really could not blame the sour grapers. He bonded in a hair straightening salon with Anna Wintour, talked about boys with Anna Dello Russo, skipped meals with Rachel Zoe and hobnobbed with Andy Roddick (if you know what I mean).

We (Yes, I, myself very much included) should un-learn harder this trait that is somehow embedded in our culture. Let us all give "I am happy for you" a more serious shot . So, go ahead, make amends to your former helper who is now married to a filthy rich executive in France. Nevermind that she tagged you in her picture in Paris.

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Italian Vogue, in their September issue featured model Kristen McMenamy as photographed by the well-renowned Steven Meisel. The shoot stirred a controversy as it is evidently inspired by the oil spill in Gulf Coast. The model was clad in black, drenched in oil and sprawled in blotted beaches.

Yes, the photos are quite powerful and striking. However, I believe, they are tasteless for most part. Vogue's attempt to glamorize a disaster is quite tacky. For one, ridiculously expensive clothes tainted with oil is an indignity to the victims of the disaster. Also, the message Vogue wanted to convey should have been couched in a more appropriate stage.

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It is the vintage girl in me.

I have an unconditional love with all things vintage and pin-up. Me going loco on polka dots is a given. I am flat out smitten with these perky prints!

I have noticed that polka dots is never really out of the fashion circuit, they are always there livening up a rather dull outfit. And yet again, they are making a statement in the various runways. My girl, Miuccia Prada, vivified the catwalks in her Resort 2011 Collection. Dotted frocks, skirts, pants, bangles and even shoes! I went to polka dot couture heaven and back just by looking at them. There's also an abundance of polka dots in Marc Jacob's Resort collection. The bigger, bolder dots exuded a more structured and edgy vibe.

I must say, Minnie Mouse have good taste! :)

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"Operation Self-Esteem--Day Fucking One."- Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Quarter-life crisis, you are not much of a help.

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I pretty much messed up the codes in my blog. Hehe. Will get to it soon :D

Bold Brows

Forgive me, Vaishaly Patel, for I have sinned.

I have been obsessed with eyebrows for over a year now. I found myself hauling magazines just to ogle at eyebrows. And the unthinkable happened *cue scary music*, I put my brows' fate in my own callow hands and magnifying mirror. A grandeur tweezing palooza occured. And now, my eyebrows are currently on strike.

I have always fancied bold brows. Their appearance on various runways is just a validation. It shapes the face, draws more attention to the eyes and exudes a commanding look.

Elle UK cited ways on how to achieve full, bold brows:

". . . it takes three months to fully grow out the brows, get brows professionally shaped so they maintain fullness but still look groomed. In the meantime, use a sharp pencil to gradually build up your brow shape, using small strokes and working them in so they look like part of the hair. Or if your brows are already thick, use a little brow shadow to fill in gaps."

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I watch you sleeping right now. And boy, oh, boy, am I in love!

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