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Bag Giveaway!

Do you want this pretty thing? Just a few click and likes and it just might be right in your doorstep. STYLE CEBU x LE WHATNOTS x THE BAG FINDER is giving this baby away. Click HERE to join. Goodluck, girls!

3 Decades

Make that 3 awesome decades!
Happy birthday, my love.
I love you, Tisoy!
Now and Always.


I miss printing out photos. We used to have tons and tons of prints at home. One of these days.

Print from our wedding photographer: MangoRed


I'll never get tired of looking at this particular set of photos.


His Toys 001

Latest addition to husband's growing collection of film cameras.

This Time It's For Keeps

Dear Readers (I'd like to think I have some. Thankyouverymuch.),

I finally had the time and will to somehow change the look of my blog. Yey! However, though I want some mind-blowing, drastic changes I cannot let go of my love for all-white templates. So I just tinkered with the header and added a few stuff on my sidebar. For those who asked, I already have the "older posts" button. I over-tweaked my codes the last time I changed templates and failed to figure out what I omitted to cause such. But thanks to my inaanak, Ystian, who figured it out in a millisecond. You see, he's just 14, so I felt utterly inept that he did in a blink what I failed to do in months. Signs of aging. Anyhoo, one of these days I'll change my blog address as well. If only I already have a super-mega awesome blog name in mind you wouldn't be here reading via Le Whatnots anymore. However, I am half-hearted in letting go of my current address. What do you think? Should I keep it or trash it?

Small kiss,

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