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I've been wanting to wear this top I had made for a special occasion. I wore it once a month ago and I've been itching to wear it again. However, I couldn't find a proper place or event to wear it to as it flaunts my not-flat-at-all tummy. I initially requested that I want a peplum top with a bare back. But most probably due to time constraints it ended up as a midriff top. I had hesitations at first but I am a fan of highwaist everything so I just did not complain about it. And now, it's already a favorite!

Styling for Island Girl Philippines

I was so excited when Island Girl contacted me and asked me to style their summer collection. Of course, I said yes without any hesitations. I really had fun with this shoot for numerous reasons. One of which is that I was really able to showcase my personal style as the direction they were going for is something I am quite familiar with. As a bonus, I was even able to use personally designed swimsuits from City of Vintage. Island Girl wanted to deviate from their recent collections and went for a more sophisticated feel. Having beach weddings in mind, I pulled out outfits from What A Girl Wants and used a couple from my closet.
Congratulations, team!

Accessories: Island Girl Philippines
Photographer: Jacklyn Uy
MUA: Raisa Bercede
Model: Jacklyn Pedoti of Stacy's Exclusive


Chillage: Opening Party

You just know when so much thought and passion have been poured on an endeavor. You know by the details, by the cohesion of ideas, by the vision and ultimately, the outcome. That is my first impression when I first walked into The Chillage - it was a place fueled by passion and a whole lot of inspiration.

It was one hot afternoon when I first went to Chillage to meet up with the owner, Bea. We met about the collaboration of her urban store and my humble swimwear line City of Vintage. When I had a glimpse of the place before going up to Bea's office I said to myself that I had to seal the deal as I was pretty impressed with what she's put together. And so, I was beyond thrilled when she decided that she wants to carry my line in her store. Every little detail in the space is quite dandy. From the door, to the playroom down to the bathrooms (I love their bathrooms!) and even their glasses are well thought of.

Here are some pictures from the opening party.


The husband and I. Just because.
A preview of One Lazy Afternoon shot in film by Leftfielder | Mark Cantalejo



This is the mother of all backlogs, I tell you.

This was our first trip to Siargao three years ago. The place which swept us off our feet in a matter of seconds. I just felt like I need to share this for a handful of reasons.

1. We already fulfilled our promise that we will go back here. We did and now we want to go back again and for a much longer vacation.

2. I was pregnant the first time we went here and the little one is turning two in a few months time.

3. It would be selfish not to share, the place is a parcel of my heaven.

4. It's summer!!!

These photos were taken by the husband. Shot in film which still amazes me until now. Shot with Canon AE-1 Program 50mm 1:1.8 FD lens attached with a wide angle fish eye converter. Film: Kodak Ultra Max 400

We literally toured the whole Siargao!

1st day: Cebu. Siargao. Dapa. Taktak Falls. Alegria Beach. Pacifico Beach. General Luna.

2nd day: Magpupungko Beach. Lagoon. Natural Pools. Philippine Deep. General Luna Stretch. Island Hopping. Naked Island. Dako Island. Guyam Island. Cloud 9. Pansukian Tropical Resort. General Luna. Boulevard.

3rd day: Port. Socorro. Hidden Island. Club Tara. Rock Islands. Beach with no name. Sohoton Cave. Bucas Grande Island.

4th day: Dapa. Siargao. Cebu

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