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Get a Backpack


If only I can (I actually can, but choose not to) publish those I wrote in tissue papers, back of receipts, random notebooks and piling up drafts.

Mind Ramble (Rumble)

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and if you know me, it doesn't stop there, it leads to a lot of things. Questioning, doubting, over-thinking and at times, hasty decision making. It takes a WHOLE LOT of balls and determination to be completely honest with ourselves because at that point, we become vulnerable to our greatest fears and regrets. However, it is the ONLY way to brave what's out there, waiting for us, waiting to be discovered. 

I have always believed that discretion is valor. I've never liked showing my cards, sharing my thoughts and doing what is expected of me. I see it as a sign of weakness when others know so much about you. If they know, they expect. I do not want to live just to meet others' expectations. But that is completely impossible. We all live to please someone somehow. No matter how we convince ourselves that what we are doing is for ourselves and us alone at the end of the day, we seek approval, we seek validation.

At this point in my life, I can say that I am happy and content as compared to the quarter-life-crisis-struck me a year ago. But I want more. All the options are in front of me, I just need to choose. And the thinking I've been doing is not helping.

Mind, tune down. 

Doing what I should have done 5 years ago: (Really, really) Getting my shit together. 

He Shoots Film I

He doesn't know it but I am his biggest fan and his photos always leaves me floored. Yes, these photos were taken using an old school film camera. The tediousness of it all.

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