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Reasons Why You Have to Date a Graphic Designer

I read this article entitled 50 Reasons NOT to Date a Graphic Designer. And while I do agree on some points (Strongly, in fact, on items 15, 17, 35 and 36), I think it was in order that I make one since I not only dated a graphic designer, I MARRIED ONE. Hence, my version.

1. You will definitely save up on your wedding as they will design your wedding invitation. Everyone else is incompetent.

2. Art books makes a lovely home display. But don't spend too much time reading those as you (me) will feel totally inept that you do not know how to paint or sketch o,r let alone, draw.

3. You will always have a spanking new cover photo. That is if they are in the mood. Nobody in this world have the formula as to how to get them in the "mood".

4. You will somehow learn how to use Photoshop. But do not be misled, for them it is easy. When they say "Masking? That's easy", for us common human beings, it's as complicated as fork.

5. You will be more appreciative of life. "Oh, this pattern is superb." Act all in awe when you see him staring at an airport chair.

6. You will know that not all men are color blind. They know the difference between blue, blue-green, green, turquoise, teal and mint. Not only that, they know colors you haven't heard of your entire life, like Razzmatazz for example. Look it up.

7. It will straighten your perspective. "By, the horizon is slanted." "Your shades is crooked." "It's not just proportionate." "Our ceiling is not straight."

8. You house guests will not miss his vintage camera collection. He still believes in film and the beauty of it. Beautiful accidents, he sometimes calls it. 

9. You will be able to help the environment. Once you are dating you will see him doodling at everything. By everything, that includes your body. While you are busy waiting for your dose of coffee, he is busy turning back of receipts and tissue papers into art.

9. Rule of thirds.

  1. Anonymous JL | September 23, 2012 at 9:12 AM |  

    Haha! I like this! Based from experience, true-lalu 'to :) Rule of thirds, nice :D

  2. Blogger Mustachio | December 3, 2012 at 8:02 PM |  

    Hahaha so true :-)

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