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What a Girl Wants Flagship Store Opening

What A Girl Wants, every fashionista’s haven, revealed the Young Ambassadors of Style campaign during the official opening of their newly renovated flagship store at the Ayala Center Cebu last Monday, December 10, 2012. The Young Ambassadors of Style is an annual selection of the city’s fresh new faces and stunning style setters, individuals who epitomize the brand’s image of style, substance and youthful exuberance. Featured in the campaign’s debut are Cebu’s fun-loving athlete Mark Lotzof, spontaneous collegiate Jessika Knight and passionate fashion designer Mia Arcenas.

For more details about the opening visit my other blog:

Our Kikoy

Refusing to sleep in the small basket we bought for you. Hating that Santa Clause costume we make you wear during the holidays. Disliking any sort of dog food. Cowering in one corner because three cats were ganging up on you. Knocking on my door endlessly during my first heartbreak. Wiggling your tails eagerly as if telling me to cheer up when I opened the door. Barking at the pillow cases mom would use during Christmas - those imprinted with dogs at least. Watching your every move around Joma when he was still a little baby. All 15 years of beautiful memories. You will always be the Kix to our Ninx, Mac and Chok. The Kikoy to our Ningkoy, Macoy and Bochokoy. We love you so much, Kix! Rest in peace. Have a lot of fun in dog heaven :"(

Life in Little Squares I

Life has been crazy. Crazy good. Crazy beautiful.

I vowed to write more for 2012 and I believe I did. I wanted to promise the same thing for 2013 however, as taught by firsthand experience, I end up being pressured and end up doing the exact opposite. And the last quarter of this coming year would be all about that. However, I want to promise myself one thing, I want to top whatever kind of fun I had last year. And that would not be easy. 2012 was THE best year of my life to date. I would not have it any other way.

I have many, many beautiful photographs to share. But while my schedule is stopping me from doing that. Let my Instagram photos do the storytelling for now.

1. It is already our family tradition that we go out of the country every Christmas. However, we did not do so this time as traveling with a baby is quite a task. So, my whole family in Manila flew here in Cebu so we could spend the holidays together and it was perfect. Yeap, we spent Christmas in the beach. Then my mom cooked all of her specialties for dinner and had my in-laws and our closest friends over.

2. My sister wearing a swimsuit from City of Vintage. One of my favorites :)

3. With my (not-so) little brother.

4. Quoting my Instagram caption: "Screw you, allergies. I am stuffing my face with this." This is what welcomes me in Bulacan, every single time.

5. My boys' new puppy! She's the most adorable little fluffy thing in the face of the planet! So tiny!

6. I'd wear this everyday if I can. French side braids.

7. Clear blue skies.

8. The view in our Bulacan home :)

9. My monthly trip home is always something I look forward to.

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