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Crabby, ei?

"If I can't have it, neither can you."

Sadly, we, Filipinos have the tendency to be pros at crab mentality. We have a society that seems to find it hard to be happy for our fellow Filipinos who found their way to Easy Street.

Take for instance, the fashion blogger, Bryan Boy. I have heard comments about him that are, more often than not, negative. "Oh, he's a social climber!" "I heard he starves himself just so he could afford a Vuitton!" Dear villagers of the crabby land, why cannot we just focus on the blue sky? He is making a mark in the fashion industry and tagged along with him is our supposed nation's pride. Well, I really could not blame the sour grapers. He bonded in a hair straightening salon with Anna Wintour, talked about boys with Anna Dello Russo, skipped meals with Rachel Zoe and hobnobbed with Andy Roddick (if you know what I mean).

We (Yes, I, myself very much included) should un-learn harder this trait that is somehow embedded in our culture. Let us all give "I am happy for you" a more serious shot . So, go ahead, make amends to your former helper who is now married to a filthy rich executive in France. Nevermind that she tagged you in her picture in Paris.

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