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This is not a fashion blog.

So, let me warm up my blog by sharing something about sports and my newfangled love for it. Those who knows me personally are all probably raising their eyebrows by now. Somehow, mine, too are sent through the roof. I am a stated girly-girl and I, myself, am taken aback by the fact that I am hooked on sports. And surprisingly, it is not the sport called shopping. I am strung out on MMA an Football!

I was strongly influenced by hubdub who is very passionate on those fields. However, I never thought I'll find myself in a sports bar, at 2 AM, in my red-soled stilettos shouting my heart out over a mis-called foul.

It felt nice, liberating at some point :)

Spain vs. Paraguay, Badger's Sports Bar
Spain vs. Germany, The Joker's Arm Pub

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