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Bold Brows

Forgive me, Vaishaly Patel, for I have sinned.

I have been obsessed with eyebrows for over a year now. I found myself hauling magazines just to ogle at eyebrows. And the unthinkable happened *cue scary music*, I put my brows' fate in my own callow hands and magnifying mirror. A grandeur tweezing palooza occured. And now, my eyebrows are currently on strike.

I have always fancied bold brows. Their appearance on various runways is just a validation. It shapes the face, draws more attention to the eyes and exudes a commanding look.

Elle UK cited ways on how to achieve full, bold brows:

". . . it takes three months to fully grow out the brows, get brows professionally shaped so they maintain fullness but still look groomed. In the meantime, use a sharp pencil to gradually build up your brow shape, using small strokes and working them in so they look like part of the hair. Or if your brows are already thick, use a little brow shadow to fill in gaps."

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