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Cherished Nights

Nights like this. I cherish nights like this. The weather is gloomy and I dare not move an inch away from my bed. I ask husband the silliest questions and he gives me equally silly answers. We laugh until our laughter turns into snorts and aching tummies. I cherish nights like these when husband and I speak in a hushed voice because we're afraid to wake up the little ones, we hold back giggles which makes it a whole lot funnier. We reminisce and we plan new memories. I in anything Hanes, him in his boxers, the pumpkins in matching pajamas. Of course, he always gives me the good pillow.
I can stay in bed forever.

Daughter of Summer,

  1. Blogger Andrea | September 1, 2012 at 11:25 AM |  

    I could stay all day at bed too but life is way too fun to be there!!Could you please consider following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com
    Twitter: @shineonbyandrea
    Youtube: www.yotube.com/user/shineonbyandrea

  2. Blogger Chyrel Gomez | September 2, 2012 at 5:41 AM |  

    Awww. I really had goosebumps while reading, Mac. Kilig and it's just those long "awwwwww" moment. <3

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