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Summer's Daugther

The sky is blushing a strong shade of pink and purple, I taste a tinge of salt in the air. I rubbed my eyes as the wind blew particles of sand from my hair to my eyes. My boys running around barefoot where the water slightly tickles their toes, playing and dancing with abandon. From afar, half in the shade, half in what's remaining of the sun, my parents are laughing, jokes only they, the many years they spent together, understands. My sister with a good book, my brother's second bottle of cold beer. A dog, of course, a dog, which we still haven't decided as to what breed just yet. Worries, pangs and misgivings washed ashore. Carelessly surrendering the what-ifs, wantonly embracing the possibilities promised by the horizon. 

A stolen kiss, a long embrace and an assuring, comforting silence.

Him. Always him.

I am summer's daughter and that, that is my slice of paradise.

Photographed by: Mark Cantalejo

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