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I am not the kind of person who will simply shut it and just curl up in one corner while injustice is being paraded right in front of me in a sequined red dress. It is part of my (or I believe ,anybody's) instinct to defend myself and to stand up for what I believe is in the books, or at least should be in the books. However, the situation I am in now constrains my rebelling opinions. I am in no position to talk. And it sucks every ounce of patience and self control in my body. How could the system be so rotten? How could they be so in contradiction with the profession they are practicing?

One more day, and we both will see.

  1. Blogger DaMnViXeN | November 9, 2010 at 8:17 PM |  

    in the words of manny pacquiao " we will see the scatter!"

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